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First Band Announcements For Quest Fest 2018


We have been busy behind the scenes, and are very excited to share with you the first three bands for Power Metal Quest Fest 2018!


Powerful, dynamic and melodic Heavy/Power Metal from Birmingham, UK! Featuring vocalist Pete Morten (ex-Threshold ex-Power Quest). In a genre that is dominated by continental European bands, NightMare World are proud to fly the flag for Great Britain!


The Queens of Metal! A brand new all-female Manowar tribute band debuting at PMQF ’18, featuring members of some of the UK’s finest metal bands!

(Please note: no wimps, poseurs or crackerjack clothes will be permitted inside of the venue for the duration of the set. Offenders will be escorted from the hall)


From the darkest depths of Suffolk, The six Folk Metal Warriors of East Anglia are always ready for raiding and a drinking session. From head-bangin’ to toe-tappin’ in twenty seconds, they’ll be sure to give you a night to remember.


RSVP to the event here, and grab your ticket from the links below!

Earlybird Ticket £10 

Earlybird Ticket + T-shirt Combo £20 

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