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2024 Lineup


The UK’s best Manowar tribute/parody band of steel, born from molten metal in 2011. Hanowar have been fighting the world against false metal for many years, and their true metal steel has seen much blood! They have ridden into glory with mighty warriors such as Unleash the Archers, Freedom Call, and Power Quest, their first EP release is the only release to be certified as “Triple steel” by the RIAA, and they have slain many posers at their previous festival appearances!

But lo! The murky crystal ball still shows a great unsettling across the globe, one that only a glove made of catskin could destroy! Donning their leather and spikes, Hanowar know they must return to the war torn battlefield of Birmingham to destroy the wimps and posers that remain! We will kill your face!

Tales Of Time

Essex based symphonic power metal quintet “Tales of Time” were forged back in 2021 by professional soprano Anna Maria Rose (vocalist of pirate metal band ‘Pirate Queen’) and Daniel Ackerman (ex-Fellowship bassist). Since then they have gone from strength to strength, releasing five songs and establishing a full band lineup. The combination of soaring soprano vocals with a heavy modern metal guitar sound, alongside enchanting symphonic elements and heartfelt lyrics, are present across all of their songs and are sure to captivate any audience.


Lycanthro are a five-piece power/thrash metal band that formed in 2016 in Ottawa, Canada. They combine power, thrash and speed metal, along with an energetic and epic stage presence with their lyrical themes from classic horror, pop culture, mythology and personal struggles.

Lycanthro introduced themselves to the Canadian metal with the release of their self-titled demo followed soon after by their 2018 EP “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”

Encapsulating a heavy, yet melodic sound, that is drawn from influences of both European/American classic power metal along with howling vocals, piercing guitars, a booming rhythm section as well as uses of instruments as piano and classical guitar to forge a powerful sound. Lycanthro continues on in 2021 to Alone records for the release of their first full length “Mark of the Wolf”. The album was recorded at Wolf Lake Studios in Lac-Des-Loups, Quebec and was mastered by Seven Spires guitarist Jack Kosto. For the  Track “Fallen Angels Prayer”, the band brought in a professional chamber choir to add to its epicness.


Winterage (Scarlet Records) are a Symphonic Power Metal band with strong influences from classical and mediaeval music. Formed in 2008, we released three albums recorded with a real symphony orchestra, an opera choir and many instruments from the Irish folk tradition.

The main feature of the band, composed by five members, is the violinist who plays Irish tunes as well as classical solos.

Over the years of live activity, the band shared the stage with artists like: Rhapsody of Fire, Korpiklaani, Angra, Moonspell, Elvenking, Dark Moor and Dragonland; the victory at the Montelago Celtic Festival 2019 competition should also be mentioned as well a the recent 2023 UK Tour in Manchester, York and Leeds with Sellsword and Fellowship.


Dendera are a melodic metal band from the UK, with 2 full albums and 2 EPs under their belt. Having toured the UK and Europe with bands like Queensryche, Saxon, Sepultura, Exodus and many others, Dendera are no strangers to playing with the big guns.

2024 will see the long wait for the 3rd full length album come to an end, having signed to Rockshots Records for the release of “Mask of Lies”, Dendera are set to have one of their biggest year to date.


Officially founded in 2004 in Argentina, SKILTRON are the leading Folk Metal band from South America, now based in Europe. The band have made their sound a unique trademark, merging the power of Heavy Metal with the charm of the Celtic tunes. With 6 albums released, SKILTRON have gone through an upward career which includes playing in over 30 countries, including the biggest festivals in Europe, headlining tours and performances as far as Japan.


Hailing from Vienna, Austria, Dragony have been a part of the international metal scene for over ten years, with 4 studio albums and one EP under their belt. Currently signed to Napalm Records, the band have toured with genre greats such as Gamma Ray, Visions of Atlantis and Serenity, and has performed at  festivals all over the world from Wacken Open Air to 70.000 Tons of Metal.

Most recently the Austrian Power Metallers completed their first headlining tour of México in support of their current album “Viribus Unitis”, which boasts an “alternate history” concept of the end of the Habsburg empire in the early 20th century – featuring an epic battle between Zombie Empress Sisi, Cyberpunk Franz Joseph, Nikola Tesla and Sorcerer Harry Houdini. The band are currently working on their fifth studio album, so fans can look forward to more epic Power Metal melodies from Austria coming up in 2024!

Twilight Force

The legend of Twilight Force began to form in the year 2007 of the Human Era. It was the result of a yearning to bring back the golden age of Epic Symphonic Power Metal. But Twilight Force soon became an entity of its own, evolving and elevating the genre to new heights and sounds. By fusing triumphant melodies with rich orchestral arrangements and swift performances, Twilight Force creates an intense and immersive experience. Transporting the listener to a magic realm filled with wonder, heroic tales and mesmerising tales from the mythical world known as The Twilight Kingdoms.