2023 Lineup





warlock a.d.

WarlocK A.D. are a Satirical Symphonic Power/Trad Metal act from the mystical land of Stoke-on-Trent, England. Having performed at Bloodstock Open Air 2022, released a debut album, secured endorsements and completed their first tour in under 12 months from their first live performance, WarlocK A.D. are ready to give audiences a night of Quests, Battles and partying you won’t forget.

Risen Prophecy

Power/thrash that brings raw aggression and melody to the table in equal amounts. Invoking the energy of Sabbat and Falcone.


Epic storytelling through the medium of theatre, opera and classical vocals, they bring a different type of punchy symphonic heavy power metal.

The Black Hounds

Black country heavy metal stalwarts bring riffs, hooks, grooves and beautiful singalong sections for their audience. Sporting influences from Tool, Killswitch Engage and Iron Maiden.